• Alex Fragotsis

    Alex Fragotsis

    Data Engineer @ League Inc.

  • damodarreddy challa

    damodarreddy challa

  • Andrew Hunt

    Andrew Hunt

    Reading this constitutes irresponsibility on your part.

  • Felipe Hoffa

    Felipe Hoffa

    Data Cloud Advocate at Snowflake ❄️. Originally from Chile, now in San Francisco and around the world. Previously at Google. Let’s talk data.

  • Márton Kodok

    Márton Kodok

    Speaker at conferences, a Google Developer Expert top user on Stackoverflow, software architect at REEA.net, co-founder IT Mures, life-long learner, mentor

  • Aalok Kamble

    Aalok Kamble

  • Jim Barlow

    Jim Barlow

    I think, build, learn, write and advise with and about data. beepbeep.technology

  • Alok Mishra

    Alok Mishra

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